What Do You Want To Know About Magazine Self Publishing?

With the right business strategy, resources, and team, anyone can self-publish a magazine. Start with the end goal in mind. What do you really want the magazine to do for you? How will you monetize the magazine? What resources do you have and which resources do you need to acquire?

In USD, it is good to budget around $5,000 for your first issue to get the design and development of your magazine funnel completed professionally. Subsequent issues will be less since you will have many assets established.

Here’s The Hard Truth About Magazine Publishing

As Told by The #1 Expert on Magazine Self-Publishing, Jen DeVore Richter

First, there’s no money in selling the physical copies of the magazine. There is only money in the distribution list, selling advertising to other businesses to promote their products or services, or in marketing your existing business as the foremost authority.

The so-called “industry norm” of making money selling the publication on retail shelves is over… No, no, no! It’s ALL about monetizing the list and authority marketing.

If you are considering selling the actual magazine in stores as your business model, you will be sorely disappointed by very little ROI. Instead you should give it away for free on your website in exchange for reader contact information and monetize it on the backend. I call this a “magazine funnel.” For details, please see the eBook The Business of Magazine Self Publishing on Amazon.

For magazine self publishers, we recommend using Print on Demand services like Peecho.com. This avoids the costly up front investment of having to bulk order. Alternatively, you could use a local to you printer. Print costs depend on how many you print, how many pages, and paper type.

Most of our clients publish quarterly since the magazine is not their main business. For those clients who the magazine is their main business selling advertising, they publish monthly.

The KDP epub version doesn’t offer the look and feel of a flipping magazine and you lose the design aesthetic.

They also have a relationship with Synapse Services.

We recommend publishing and hosting the magazine on your own domain and collecting the information of your subscribers. Amazon does not release subscriber details.

There are many powerful and profitable reasons to publish a magazine, but selling the digital or print publication itself is NOT one of them. That “industry norm” held over from the 1990s is over.

What’s working now is to leverage the magazine as a tool to:
• Build Instant Authority 
• Generate New Leads Online 
• Stay Top of Mind with VIPs & Referral Partners 
• Send as a Newsletter to Your Network 
• Land Lucrative Advertiser or Sponsor Deals 
• Spotlight Client Success Stories
• Give Out at Meetings to Impress People 
• Send to Prospects to Close More Deals 
• Sell More to Existing Clients
If you are a serious entrepreneur ready to add another authority marketing strategy to your arsenal, then our call together will be well worth your time.

Both! When self publishing a magazine, we recommend designing for print and then turning the print version into a digital flipbook that you can load into a “magazine funnel.”

A magazine funnel was originally coined as a marketing term by Jen DeVore Richter. A magazine funnel is an online sales funnel where your subscribers sign up and are moved through a sales process using automation. Learn more at https://www.yourmagazinefunnel.com/

We recommend asking your strategic partners to submit articles that they write for your magazine in exchange for being featured. You could also reach out to PR Firms to see if they have clients that would be a good fit. 

Basically, you need to be clear on your magazine value proposition to advertisers. What is in it for them? What benefit can you provide? Then you need to package up your value in a Media Kit and present it to as many potential advertisers as possible. Be clear and confident. Deliver on what you say you will do.

Our ideal client is an entrepreneur who:

• has their own herd, social media following, community, or list of prospects and clients
• understands the power of leveraging authority marketing and a personal brand
• is an implementor of information-first, direct response marketing and/or sales funnels
• has the resources to invest in world-class marketing
• believes that what they do changes lives 
• embraces an abundant mindset vs a scarcity mindset
• is ready to take action

Some reasons to self publish a magazine include:

Build Instant Authority • Generate New Leads Online • Stay Top of Mind with VIPs & Referral Partners • Send as a Newsletter to Your Network • Land Lucrative Advertiser or Sponsor Deals • Spotlight Strategic Partners & Clients • Give Out at Meetings to Impress People • Send to Prospects to Close More Deals • Create Passive Income

Like an other business, how much money you make as a magazine self publisher depends on the uniqueness of your idea, the quality of the production, what your business model is, your skillset, your mindset, and your commitment level.

First, you need to have a very specific reader in mind that has a very specific problem they want to solve. Your magazine will be easier to grow if you are very focused on your niche and deliver great value. Leverage your contributors, social media, email list, PR, podcast interviews, and more to grow your subscriber base.

Yes. There are many different skills required to publish a magazine including: photography, graphic design, writing, editing, production planning, selling, promoting, monetizing, website development, email marketing, and more. Reach out to us if you’d like the benefit of a built-in team with experience.

Your magazine subscriber page or magazine funnel can be built on any platform including ClickFunnels, WordPress, Kajabi, etc. Then your digital magazine can be uploaded to Flipsnak, ISSUU, or Publitas. For email marketing, we prefer ActiveCampaign or MailChimp.

You can absolutely self publish a magazine if you know the steps and which resources you need. You can learn to DIY on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/jendevorerichter

Alternatively, you can hire our team to do most of the work for you and coach you through the process.